Andrew Lacon

Recent Activity

Between 2015 and 2018, Recent Activity was founded and curated alongside artist Andrew Gillespie.

Recent Activity is a curatorial project based in Birmingham, delivering an intermittent program in a variety of locations. During this time, we conceived and delivered a series of Nomadic Vitrines. Nomadic Vitrine invited artists to respond to a nomadic display case, either using it functionally to present work or intervening with it sculpturally. The vitrine, itself a redundant sculpture of mine, replaces the gallery as a space for artists to create work in / on / for. The vitrine builds on historical notions of display and visibility, both within and beyond the gallery. The vitrine was placed in various locations, changing for each exhibition. A selection of exhibiting artists included Hannah Lees, Susie Green, Jack Brindley, Ruth Claxton, Sean Edwards, Alex Frost and Liam Fallon.

During this time, we opened a new project space which followed on from the Nomadic Vitrine, changing and evolving as each artist responded to the alternative exhibition space. During this time we curated exhibitions by Kira Frieje, Jack Lavender, France-Lise McGurn and Tom Worsfold.

We also presented a series off-site projects which exhibited artist in alternative space, working with a variety of organisations and locations. Artists included Harry Meadley, Ian Giles, Oliver Sutherland and curator Ryan Kearney.

Recent Activity continues to be organised by Andrew Gillespie with support from Ryan Kearney.



Nomadic Vitrine

Hannah Lees, Grand Union (2016)

Ruth Claxton, COW Vintage (2016)

Alex Frost, The Royal Standard (2017)

Project Space

Kira Freije: The Dark Away 2017

Jack Lavender: Stones 2017

France-Lise McGurn: Rabbit 2017

Tom Worsfold: Felt Tip 2017

Off-site Projects

Sculpture Garden: Victoria Adam, An Endless Supply, Simon & Tom Bloor, Mark Essen, Andrew Gillespie, Andrew Lacon, Jack Lavender, Sophie Lee, Andrew Mealor (2016)

Oliver Sutherland: Untitled (Loosing It). (2016)

Harry Meadley: the last five years (End). (2016)